Feb 20, 2013

Distance today = 49.64 km; Total distance = 16,813.44 km; Location = Leitza – 43 05.440′ N, 01 56.260′ W; Start time = 0852, Finish time = 1649


Another spectacular day of running, this time through the Pyrenees.

We enjoyed Pamplona last night, walking through the narrow cobblestone streets that are filled with bulls in June, and had a look at the bull ring where the “run” finishes.

This morning I headed up into the mountains. The high point of the day was above the snow line, although the temperatures were quite mild. There were tranquil forests, rustic farmhouses, and wonderful Basque villages dotted along the run course.

I chose to commute the relatively short distance into San Sebastian tonight, and will finish here on tomorrow’s run, staying a second night. The hotel Londres has given us a very generous deal on a room overlooking the bay in San Sebastian. Keep a look out for the photos when they’re posted.