Feb 20, 2015

The signs are positive so far that the Achilles is responding the recent rest. I’ve just been running a couple of kilometre per day at a slow pace. I could do more, but I’m being self-disciplined. Some people need self-discipline in order to run. I need it in order not to run.

I even had laser treatment on the injury yesterday. I’ve had the same a few times recently and it seems to help quite a bit. The theory is that scar tissue and normal tissue react differently to different laser frequencies. With the correct frequency setting, scar tissue can be eliminated while normal tissue is unaffected. I can’t verify these technical details, but I can say, anecdotally at least, that it appears to have a beneficial effect.

Kevin Carr is now in Mendoza. I recall Mendoza very fondly from my world run. Carmel and I spent a few nights there in a great hotel. Just around the corner was a restaurant strip with great steaks and red wine at really low prices. After all, it is the wine capital of the Argentina.


On This Day


Feb 20, 2012

Distance today = 51.94 km; Total distance = 2332.24 km; Location = 11 km west of San Luis Obispo, California – 35 20.090′ N, 120 45.269′ W; Start time = 0823, Finish time = 1612

Distance yesterday = 53.28 km; Total distance = 2280.30 km; Location = San Simeon, California – 35 36.950′ N, 121 08.735′ W; Start time = 0919, Finish time = 1708


http://connect.garmin.com/activity/175215507 (added retrospectively after applying a file repair program)

Sorry about yesterday’s missing blog. All sorts of things went wrong last night – very annoying. I would just manage to get enough internet connection to start things, and it would then drop out and I’d lose what I was working on. I basically only managed to get a couple of emails away before I gave up in frustration. What’s more, the problem seems to have resulted in yesterday’s data not showing up in my Garmin records. It’s on my watch, but it will not download on to the computer. I think it must be due to the system dropping out during the download. The watch probably now thinks it has completed its job, but the computer didn’t get the data. Ahhhh, such is the Age of Communication.

Moving on to what really interests you readers – the running. Yesterday I had a bit of a hard day. The previous day I logged up my highest ascent and descent of the trip so far – 1348 metres up and 1414 metres down. Yesterday was almost as much, and the constant downhill finally left my legs sore by mid afternoon. I went through a bit of a rough patch (and my mood was not helped by the computer issues that followed). All this despite seeing hundreds of elephant seals near the end of the day, and a small dead grass snake.

But today was fantastic. I was concerned that I was on a bit of a downward spiral that could only be cured by a day or two of rest, but I felt much better. Perhaps it was the steak last night, or the can of Beanie Weenies for breakfast (baked beans mixed with slices of frankfurter sausage). Anyhow, whatever it was that cured me, I’d like to thank it – the running was great, the scenery still spectacular, and the weather perfect. I loved the town of Cayucos (in case anyone happens to be travelling this way).

Sadly, I saw two full grown deer on the side of the road, the largest examples of road kill on the run so far.

We’re in San Luis Obispo tonight, with only a little over 100 miles to go to Santa Barbara, where I am expecting to be spending my birthday. And I almost forgot to add that I have mobile reception again, so the GPS tracker is showing my correct position – yippee!


Feb 20, 2013

Distance today = 49.64 km; Total distance = 16,813.44 km; Location = Leitza, Spain – 43 05.440′ N, 01 56.260′ W; Start time = 0852, Finish time = 1649


Another spectacular day of running, this time through the Pyrenees.

We enjoyed Pamplona last night, walking through the narrow cobblestone streets that are filled with bulls in June, and had a look at the bull ring where the “run” finishes.

This morning I headed up into the mountains. The high point of the day was above the snow line, although the temperatures were quite mild. There were tranquil forests, rustic farmhouses, and wonderful Basque villages dotted along the run course.

I chose to commute the relatively short distance into San Sebastian tonight, and will finish here on tomorrow’s run, staying a second night. The hotel Londres has given us a very generous deal on a room overlooking the bay in San Sebastian. Keep a look out for the photos when they’re posted.