Feb 23, 2012

Distance today = 56.42 km; Total distance = 2493.53 km; Location = Lake Cachuma – 34 34.067′ N, 119 57.097′ W; Start time = 0827, Finish time = 1647


Another hot one today, with 28C. I reckon it was a lot hotter running along the highway without any cover from the sun. I was suffering a little during the early afternoon, but felt a lot better by late afternoon when the temperature dropped a bit.

I normally wouldn’t have too much of an issue with these temperatures, but I haven’t experienced them for a while, even during the summer in NZ. I will get used to it over time – I’ll have to, as it will only get hotter here in the US as summer approaches.

The TV interview yesterday aired on four separate occasions on local station KSBY. It must have been seen by a lot of people, as today I experienced innumerable car horns and waves, as well as people stopping to take photos of me, and even one guy running out of a shop and yelling “Hey, are you the guy who is running around the world?”

The highlight of the day was passing through the town of Solvang (where we happen to be staying tonight). It has evolved as a sort of Little Denmark, with virtually every building, business, and other establishment exhibiting a Danish theme. There are Hans Christian Andersens, King Fredericks, mermaids, Hamlets, Carlsberg beers, Copenhagen restaurants, Danish bakeries, Danish butchers – pretty much anything you can imagine about Denmark, although I haven’t seen any Princess Mary references yet. But I’m sure there will be something about her here.

Tomorrow I have a short run into Santa Barbara, where I will celebrate my birthday.

PS I went the wrong way up a street today and had to backtrack, therefore requiring me to subtract 140 metres from the distance registered by the Garmin.