Feb 24, 2013

Distance today = 57.60 km; Total distance = 17,012.81 km; Location = Pau – 43 18.092′ N, 00 22.367′ W; Start time = 0901, Finish time = 1806


Not exactly a white birthday, but there was some more snow falling today. Only very light, though. There was no wind, so it was really quite pleasant.

It was a big day – one of my longest in the past year. I reached Pau, a city that regularly sees the Tour de France, and also saw the Tour de Bois back in 2009, when Dave, Chips, Klitty, and I rode through here. We even stopped for a couple of pizzas for lunch.

Besides being my birthday, I also reached another milestone today – 17,000 km for the run so far. Carmel arranged for a small celebration as I passed that mark (see the photos).

PS Not too many photos today, as the highway was a bit monotonous and not conducive to artistic variety.