Feb 24, 2015

This latest Achilles issue is different from the recent one, although related in a sense. The previous injury – which I appeared to have overcome – was about a centimetre up from where the tendon attaches to the heel. This latest pain emanates from about half way between the heel and the site of the previous problem.

I think I overdid the intensity of my training and, instead of the old injury flaring up, it was a new location that began to suffer first. That’s often the case. Old injuries can be stronger than the surrounding tissue, so it’s a new area that capitulates first under sufficient stress.

That said, the new problem is far from as severe as the previous injury and should respond to a bit of rest and gradual increase in loading. I’ve gone back to basics and have begun an abridged version of the rehabilitation program I employed this time last year. I estimate I’ll be close to normal again by the end of next week. I’ll need to be, as that gives me just four weeks to be in shape for the 140 km Anzac Ultra.


On This Day


Feb 24, 2012

Distance today = 33.34 km; Total distance = 2526.87 km; Location = Santa Barbara, California – 34 25.524′ N, 119 42.694′ W; Start time = 1016, Finish time = 1512


Woke to a beautiful birthday morning, along with singing and presents from the support crew. What a nice way to start the day.

After a late start (I had planned a short run today), I was only 7 km into it when I received a phone call. It turned out to be from the Ellen Degeneres Show. A girl spoke with me for some time about the possibility of being on the show. At the time of writing this blog, I am not sure whether this will happen or not. Will keep you posted.

I continued on, over the highest point so far in the US – the mountain range behind Santa Barbara, at about 700 metres above sea level. I will go higher than this on many occasions to come.

From there it was a long drop into the city. Running along one of the main streets I had my first fall of the trip. My phone handled it better than I did. Despite flying to a height of many metres before landing in the gutter, the phone does not have a scratch on it. I, on the other hand, lost a small amount of skin around my left knee, and a little from the palms of my hands. Pretty good for over 2,500 km of running, though.

For those regular readers of this blog, you will recall I spoke previously about Tony Mangan, who is also running around the world (following a different course and different criteria to me). I also promised to introduce you to another – Jesper Olsen – who happens to be here in the US at the moment as well.

Jesper is an old hand at running around the world. This is his second time. In 2004/05, he run in a similar direction to what I am doing now. However, in 2008, Jesper began a north-south run, from the tip of Scandinavia, through Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. After taking nine months off to recover from injuries and illnesses he contracted in Africa, Jesper started again last year at the tip of South America, and is currently on his way to finishing in northern Canada. He is presently in South Carolina. It’s a great feat, and it is well worth following his adventures on www.worldrun.org.

I’d also like to congratulate Pat Farmer, who is back in Australia after his pole to pole run. Although having to alter his plans a bit due to weather, it was a mighty effort regardless, including (I’m led to believe) a new world record for covering the distance from the edge of Antartica to the South Pole on foot. Puts my efforts back in perspective.

Tonight we will celebrate my birthday in Santa Barbara. More on this in tomorrow’s instalment.


Feb 24, 2013

Distance today = 57.60 km; Total distance = 17,012.81 km; Location = Pau, France – 43 18.092′ N, 00 22.367′ W; Start time = 0901, Finish time = 1806


Not exactly a white birthday, but there was some more snow falling today. Only very light, though. There was no wind, so it was really quite pleasant.

It was a big day – one of my longest in the past year. I reached Pau, a city that regularly sees the Tour de France, and also saw the Tour de Bois back in 2009, when Dave, Chips, Klitty, and I rode through here. We even stopped for a couple of pizzas for lunch.

Besides being my birthday, I also reached another milestone today – 17,000 km for the run so far. Carmel arranged for a small celebration as I passed that mark (see the photos).

PS Not too many photos today, as the highway was a bit monotonous and not conducive to artistic variety.