Feb 25, 2012

Distance today = 24.23 km; Total distance = 2551.10 km; Location = Carpinteria – 34 23.123′ N, 119 29.218′ W; Start time = 0954, Finish time = 1258


Firstly, thank you to everyone who sent me happy birthday wishes. I think I received more than I ever have for any previous birthday.

Today was another scheduled short day, with 24.2 km. I’m glad I had planned a half day, as the 2 am finish last night would have made a full day less than preferable. We had a great night at a Mexican restaurant in Santa Barbara, followed by a live band in a nearby bar.

We’re staying a couple of nights with Libby’s nephew, James, and his wife Jacki, along with Harry (and Buster the dog). After today’s run, James drove me back from my finishing point at Carpinteria, and we all went down to the Santa Barbara Marina for a fantastic seafood lunch (see the photos).

Tomorrow I’ll be back to more normal distances, as I draw ever nearer to Los Angeles.