Feb 25, 2013

Distance today = 43.65 km; Total distance = 17,056.46 km; Location = Tarbes – 43 13.195′ N, 00 06.342′ E; Start time = 0900, Finish time = 1639


It started snowing in earnest last night, and everything was white this morning. I guess that counts as a white birthday. Thanks to everyone out there who wished me a happy birthday for yesterday.

It made for a very different run, with the lots of flakes gently drifting to the ground, and the tree branches glistening white. I was well rugged up, so I wasn’t feeling cold at all – it was just the right temperature.

I passed another couple of milestones during the day. The minor one was reaching 150 km of accumulated vertical ascent. That’s like running to the top of a mountain that is 150 km high. Or, more realistically (if you can call it that), running from sea level to the top of Mount Everest and back seventeen times.

The more important milestone was crossing the Greenwich Meridian. I am now running in the Eastern Hemisphere for the first time in over a year. It’s nice to know I’m now back in my own half the world.

It snowed all day – not a single let up – although mostly it was light. However, it got quite a bit heavier by mid-afternoon, which resulted in Carmel losing me. After a protracted effort, she finally located me again, at which point I decided to call it a day. Shorter than planned, but still a good day considering the conditions.

Right near the end, I dropped my Garmin in a fast flowing gutter. It was completely inundated for several seconds. It seemed to go a little haywire for a time, but appears OK now. And the data seems fine too. Phew, that’s a relief.