Feb 28, 2015

As you can imagine, I’m sick of talking about the bad Achilles, so I’m only go to write this once, then concentrate on positive things in future blogs. The injury hasn’t responded readily, so I’m going right back to basics and starting from scratch. I’m now giving myself three weeks of rest and very light and gradual increases in my running.

That will leave a further three weeks of decent training to get myself ready for the Anzac Ultra, if the Achilles does improve in time. It’s hardly anything at all when it comes to training programs, but it’s the best I can do. I suspect I’m going to do it very tough in the race, but at least it’s just one day of pain. There are people out there with sicknesses and injuries who are in pain every day, so I’m not about to complain.

Kevin Carr has recently been running on exactly the same road I ran across Argentina. It brings back great memories of the pampas, although I was there in spring and he’s running in the height of summer, so it’s a lot tougher for him in temperatures of up to 40C. Not that I didn’t experience days as hot and hotter than that, but mine were in the US. Kevin had very cold weather in the US.

He now has some 2,800 km left to run and, if he is to break the world record, he needs to complete this in 41 days. That’s almost 70 km per day. It won’t be easy, but Kevin has the ability to do it.


On This Day


Feb 28, 2012

Distance today = 51.62 km; Total distance = 2704.01 km; Location = Hollywood, California – 34 04.562′ N, 118 21.868′ W; Start time = 0858, Finish time = 1646


I was somewhat dreading today, as running into a city as huge as Los Angeles is traditionally considered a necessary evil, including by me.

But I had a great day. Starting in Malibu, I ran along the Pacific Coastal Highway, before reaching the long strip of beach that runs from the north down past the airport. I ran along the beach path for many Ks, past the Santa Monica Pier (a classic old style pier, complete with an amusement park that includes a roller coaster), and then past Venice Beach. What a unique place that is, with everything from the talented to the alternative, to the just plain weird. I recommend it as a stop for anyone visiting LA.

I turned inland just before LA International Airport (is there are song in that?) and headed up to our hotel in Hollywood, past many well-known streets, such as Santa Monica Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard. We’re about to head out for dinner – stay tuned for tomorrow’s update.

PS I am struggling to find anything much to eat during the day here in the US other than burgers. I can get a burger just about anywhere, but rarely anything else. I may be the first person ever to run 50+ km per day for months and actually put on weight.


Feb 28, 2013

Distance today = 52.57 km; Total distance = 17,211.42 km; Location = Nailloux, France – 43 22.117′ N, 01 40.095′ E; Start time = 0857, Finish time = 1711


We had a great experience last night, enjoying dinner with our French hosts, Michele and Patrice. They have a great gite, L’Enclos, and we thoroughly relished the traditional French dinner they provided, as well as their company. Despite the language issues, we were still able to communicate pretty effectively, even if some of it involved writing on paper.

It was a quiet but productive day on the road, as I made way east across France. I spent much of the day on roads I cycled with Dave 18 months ago. I even ran past a kebab shop where we had lunch back in 2011. It was quite hilly, but I didn’t really feel troubled at all.

The past two days, Carmel has found street markets in French towns, and hasn’t been able to resist the paella. Consequently, we’ve had paella for lunch on consecutive days. The guy she bought from yesterday was in today’s town market. He must have been pleased to see her, as he gave her a huge serving of delicious paella for free. It even had yabbies in it – well, the French equivalent, at least.

I finished the day just out of the town of Nailloux. My official position is about 3 km to the east of where the tracker is showing me.