Feb 28, 2018

I inadvertently let a bit of a milestone pass by unnoticed recently. Two weeks ago today marked 35 years since I began logging my running mileage. I began doing so the day I made the decision to run my first marathon – the 1983 Wang Australian Marathon.

Since that day I have officially notched up almost 149,000 km. In fact, my next big milestone may be the 150,000 km mark, expected in a few months time. Or will it be 5,000 days of running without a day off. I’ll reach that milestone in early May. Whichever comes first will depend on how much running I do during March and April. Stay tuned.

I know I’ve posted this photo before, but it’s particularly relevant today, having been taken six years ago to the day in Los Angeles. This is Carmel with Valeria, who she taught in kindergarten in 1981. Valeria went on to feature in movies in Hollywood, such as in Sister Act 2 with Whoopi Goldberg, where she had a small speaking part. The interesting people you meet on a world run ……