Feb 3, 2018

With my glute/hamstring/pelvic problem now properly diagnosed and being treated, I’m going to take it easy for a week or so to ensure everything, including my Achilles, recovers fully. Only then will I launch back into my normal training intensity.

It’s possible that all the problems with my right heel/Achilles/calf in recent times has been due to the jammed SI joint. I may have been suffering from it for years, with the symptoms sometimes more acute than at other times. I’m very interested to see how I’m running a month from now. Hopefully much better.

Another interesting article about running and its health benefits is appended below. Just click on the heading to view it. I recommend it to all runners – and to non-runners too. After you read this, maybe you’ll be tempted to start running.

35 Amazing Health Benefits of Running, According to Science (+10 Tips for Beginners)