Feb 3, 2019

I’ve taken the average pace option off my Garmin watch and I can already notice the difference. I’m now no longer trying to increase my pace throughout each run. I’m even throwing in a bit of walking whenever my Achilles feels a twinge. Previously I’d be reluctant to stop and walk for a hundred metres or so because it would have had a detrimental effect on my average pace. Now I have no reason not to stop. I think it might make the difference. Stay tuned for updates.

Seven years ago today I ran into the the NZ town of Hamilton, home of Chook. The day before I’d run with a cross country team from the local school in Tauranga. The photos below show me running with the team and being interviewed by a local journalist.

The following photos are of me jogging with members of Chook’s running club in Hamilton (also check out the video on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkB4XGqLM0c), and with Chook and his brother, Don, at a pub later that evening. Both Chook and Don came and joined us in the New England region of the US later that year, with Chook running with me from Connecticut, through Rhode Island, and on to my finish in Massachusetts.