Feb 6, 2018

I’m still going through an adjustment period around my hip region. Muscles that have been doing little or nothing for months (or possibly years) have now had to take on their normal workload. It’s taking longer than expected to get back to normal. But at least I can feel something happening.

I’ve also decided that I may as well use this time to get everything right, so I’m having a series of laser treatments on my Achilles to reduce the scar tissue. There is actually quite a pronounced lump where the problems is. Fingers crossed that next week will see both my hip and Achilles back to almost normal.

Seeing as there’s not a lot of running news for me to share at the moment, I thought I’d elaborate a little on what I do when I’m not running. If you’re interested in my involvement in wave energy at all, you can visit my company’s web site (see below) to get a better sense of it all. At the moment we’re in the thick of the fund raising required to proceed with our project on King Island.


Now, back to some photos from my run around the world. Six years ago today I was just finishing the New Zealand leg of the run. Here’s the last photo I could find from that stage, taken not too far away from Auckland Airport (well, maybe 70 km away).