Jan 1, 2016

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you enjoyed your New Year’s Eve.

I’ve certainly got the year off to a flying start in terms of my running. This morning I ran 25 km, feeling fine throughout. My legs, including the dodgy calf, are great, although there’s some soreness from doing such a long session after so little recent running. That was always going to happen.

I was particularly pleased to knock over that big a distance after a 2 am bed time. Luckily I was asked to play guitar for a couple of hours last night, resulting in me imbibing a lot less than would otherwise have been the case. So I felt quite reasonable this morning. Any dustiness was gone after a couple of kilometres.

Below is a nice photo with which to begin the year. This was taken in northern Arizona, between the towns of Cameron and Tuba City (don’t ask me how it got its name) in late March of 2012. The Grand Canyon is actually way over in the background. It’s a desolate desert landscape, but one in which I really enjoyed running. Can you believe it’s three years today since I began running around the world in earnest from Queenstown in New Zealand!!!


Day 78 Cameron - Tuba City - 06029


On This Day


Jan 1, 2012


Distance today = 25.51 km; Total distance = 42.28 km; Location = Gibbston –  45 01′ 28.3″′ S, 168 57′ 40.1″ E; Start time = 1445, Finish time = 1734.

An early rise, off to the airport after some teary goodbyes, and on to the plane to Queenstown. Met the Next Digital Chairman, Roger Sharp, on arrival, and headed off to pick up the support vehicle (many thanks to Chook for supplying it). A quick change and I started running soon after, managing to cover 25.51 kms, finishing at the sleepy town of Gibbston on the road to Cromwell. Still getting used to the mechanics of the blog and website. When I work it out and become more efficient with my time, I will honour my promise of writing in paragraphs. Currently enjoying a champagne with Roger and the girls.