Jan 11, 2017

I mentioned recently how my new Garmin watch monitors my heart rate. I also mentioned how it uses the general rule that a person’s maximum heart rate (in beats per minute) should be 220 minus their age (in years). For me, that would imply a maximum of 165.

However, I know my heart rate can go significantly above 165, and always has been able to. The hardest part of my run today was up a reasonable hill with a gradient of about 8%. I felt pretty comfortable but I could feel I was working harder than usual. But I certainly wasn’t anywhere near my limit. Yet my heart rate at that time reached 177. If I’d sprinted up the hill, I’m sure I would have gone close to 200. By the way, my average during the whole run was 128.

I guess the formula 220 minus age doesn’t apply to me, perhaps because I’ve been doing regular extreme speed work sessions all my life – workouts that always pushed my heart rate to around 200 beats per minute. I intend to test this in the weeks to come by stress testing myself – seeing what I can get my maximum heart to, according to the Garmin watch.

This photo was also taken on the Big Sur stretch of highway. At this point it reminds me a little of the cliffs of the Great Australian Bight, which I experienced running across the Nullarbor.



On This Day


Jan 11, 2012

Distance today = 58.29 km; Total distance = 569.99 km; Location = Temuka, NZ–  44 14.377′ S, 171 16.597′ E; Start time = 0819, Finish time = 1656.

Another long one today – longer than I planned, but it’s easier to finish in a town than out in the middle of the highway, so I tend push on until I reach the next town. Today it was Temuka.

Once again, the countryside was spectacular. I even think I caught glimpses of Mount Cook to the west, but it was covered in clouds. Perhaps it was my imagination. Where I was running it was complete sunshine all day long.

More press interviews and photos with the local media en route in Timaru. Each town’s newspaper has a done a great job. However, we need this to translate into donations to Oxfam. Come on everyone, it only takes a click of the button on the Home Page, and a minute of your time.

Many thanks to the Andorra Motel in Geraldine for tonight’s accommodation. It’s a very nice place in a very nice town, and greatly appreciated.