Jan 11, 2018

Those who were following my world run back in the early days of 2012, when I was running through California and Arizona, will remember that our friend Jenny was travelling with us at the time, along with Libby. Jenny and I were born just days apart. Now, sadly and coincidentally, both our mothers have died just a day apart. I’ll be attending Jenny’s mother’s funeral tomorrow and my own mother’s next week. Sombre times.

Here’s a photo of Jenny (far left) with Carmel and Libby in the ‘green room’ of a television station in Phoenix, Arizona, with Joe Nicholls, one of the biggest country music stars in the US. He’d just conducted a live interview and now it was my turn – you can see me ‘live’ on the screen above. As you can also see, the girls were more interested in having their photo taken with Joe than on watching me be interviewed – but that’s life.