Jan 17, 2012

Distance today = 59.69 km; Total distance = 882.62 km; Location = about 3 km west of Hundalee –  42 36.496′ S, 173 23.573′ E; Start time = 0845, Finish time = 1705


A very picturesque day, probably the pick of the days so far, with 59.7 km covered. The scenery was brilliant for running, with hints of many places around the world – France, Italy, Greece, the Dalmatian Coast, and parts of the US.

The weather has been extremely kind to me to this point. I doubt I could have covered as much ground as I have without these ideal conditions. I think I’m being spoilt, as the conditions will, no doubt, change for the worse before too long, and I will be back to shorter daily distances when it does.

Luckily I’m still feeling good, as I have set myself a daily average this week of 55 km, so that I can make Wellington by Saturday. So far I’m ahead of schedule.

We’re staying in Kaikoura tonight and tomorrow night, and what a great little town. We have been given two nights for the price of one by the the very luxurious Waves on the Esplanade, so many thanks to the management of this fine establishment.

A final comment on roadkill. Besides the ubiquitous hedgehogs, the second most flattened species is the ferret/stoat/weasel (I’m not sure which one it is here). These are wild here in NZ. They also appear to have  poor road sense. I took a photo of one today which had been completely flattened, somehow without its guts spreading all over the road. Hopefully Carmel can upload the photo soon. A little macabre, but an interesting look all the same.