Jan 19, 2017

This morning I ran a relatively fast 20 km on a hilly course down here on the Mornington Peninsula. It felt pretty easy. I got faster throughout as well, which is a good sign. And today the heart rate monitor on my watch behaved itself, registering an average of 117 and a maximum of 142 (I assume that was when I finished very fast over the last km). However, on a much slower run yesterday, it told me my maximum was 210. That’s clearly rubbish.

Anyhow, I’m really enjoying running down here. Not only is the scenery different, but the humidity is much lower than it is in Sydney. I’d better make the best of it over the coming days.

This photo below was taken as I ran by Sam Simeon on the Californian coastline. San Simeon is where Randolph Hearst built his castle in the early 1900s. It’s a magnificent structure, clearly visible on the hill high above the road. The girls (Carmel, Libby, and Jenny) visited it that day, while I just kept on running. Just to left of the scene in this photo were hundreds of sea lions basking on the beach (and fighting too). I also saw a small snake not far from here.



On This Day


Jan 19, 2012

Distance today = 60.64 km; Total distance = 1000.92 km; Location = 5 km north of Wharanui, NZ –  41 52.837′ S, 174 07.001′ E; Start time = 0840, Finish time = 1657


For those who came in late, click on the link above to view the details of today’s run, as well as all past days. And click on the little circle next to the word “More” on the Tom Tracker to view where I am in real time.

Another big day, but it was planned, and will make tomorrow a little easier. It was as nice a piece of coastline to run along as anyone could hope for, although the last 10 km was into a fierce headwind, making for less than enjoyable running. Luckily I was well fuelled up on a delicious chocolate cake that Libby baked yesterday. It was so nice, I could have run 100 km. And I reached 1,000 km today, in only 19 days. Only 25,232 more to go.

Just a quick comment on pace – most people would be surprised at just how slowly I actually run during these 50 and 60 km days. When stops and walking stints are taken into account for food and drinks, phone calls, photo and video opportunities, and toilet breaks, I am lucky to average 8 km per hour. But it’s important to take it slowly and stop to “smell the roses”. Rushing and not enjoying each day would be defeating the purpose. Just about anyone could keep up with me. Really!!!

Thanks to the A1 Motel in the town of Ward for putting us up for the night. Once again, we greatly appreciate the hospitality.