Jan 2, 2018

Just a quick post from the Mornington Peninsula in southern Australia. Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone.

I’ve gotten off to a flying start to the year in terms of my running. I’ve already logged 50 km in just two days. The Achilles is holding together, though my calf is a bit tight. That often happens when one muscle protects another. I even threw in a quick 4:49 kilometre this morning, not that it’s quick in the grand scheme of things, but it’s the fastest I’ve run for a month or more.

Here’s a photo with my good mate, Roger Sharp, taken exactly six years ago to the day at his place near Queenstown in NZ. This was right at the beginning of my run around the world. We were enjoying a beer after my day of running, before moving on to a very nice bottle of red wine.