Jan 20, 2018

I’m more and more convinced that all my lower leg and Achilles issues are due to the problem with my pelvic region. Everything feels pretty good at the start of a run, other than the hip weakening very quickly. It doesn’t take long after that until the other muscles that are taking up the slack start to fatigue too. First it’s the lower calf, then the Achilles starts to hurt as it gets stretched more than it should. That’s why Tuesday’s appointment is so crucial. I’m hoping this problem, which has persisted on and off for the past year, will be cured within weeks.

Sorry for most of the posts of late being negative and related to injuries. However, I hope the information, analysis, and opinion sharing is of value to other runners who may learn something useful from all my problems. It’s better to discover solutions from the experiences of others than to live in a bubble and have to reinvent the wheel each time you incur an injury of some form.

Runners, walkers, and hikers will likely be interested in the following product, which is a more energy efficient way of carrying a water bottle while on the road. It’s worth a try if you like to carry water with you while you run.


Seeing as I’m currently watching the Tour Down Under, I thought this photo of me climbing the Stelvio Pass in northern Italy in August was appropriate. This was on a hairpin bend approaching 2000 metres of elevation. I still had another 1000 metres or so to climb at this stage. And it was a lot steeper than it looks here.