Jan 21, 2013

Distance today = 0 km; Total distance = 15,414.07 km; Location = Buenos Aires – 34 27.800′ S, 58 29.779′ W; Start time = n/a, Finish time = n/a

In a few hours I’ll be leaving for the airport to fly to Europe. I expect to be setting off from the most westerly point in mainland Europe, near Lisbon, on Thursday.

It’s unbelievable to think that exactly one year ago I crossed the strait from NZ’s South Island to the North, to stay the evening with John and Liz Huckerby in Wellington. Wow, I’ve covered some miles since then.

I guess I should have heeded Bob Dylan’s advice, as my heel is still not right. I can only hope that, perverse as it sounds, it will heal itself when I start running long daily distances again.

It was a pleasure last weekend to catch up with Carole Ingersoll and her sons, Bobby and Johnny. We stayed with them for a few days when I ran through Chicago last July. They are currently in Sydney for a holiday, enjoying the heat – or maybe not!

I’ve had a very relaxing time on my break, although the weather has been extreme. Last Friday was the hottest day ever recorded in Sydney – 46C (115F). I’m glad there will be no days like that awaiting me in the next few months.

Stayed tuned for another instalment in a few days. In the meantime, I have a flight to catch.

PS I was pleased to hear that my friend and fellow journey runner, Tony Mangan, stayed last night with my old mate, Chook, in Hamilton NZ. It was almost a year ago that I passed through Hamilton and caught up with Chook and Silvia, along with many others from the local running club. Of course, Chook has more recently run with me in the New England region of the US as well. And now Tony has had the pleasure of their great hospitality.