Jan 21, 2020

Yesterday’s foray into a bit of faster running included 200 metres in 37.3 and 1 mile in 5:59. At least I got under 6 minutes. It’s not easy running 200 metres fast without a warm up. If I did some build up sprints, I’d probably be able to get it down below 35s, but I don’t see the point. I’m not training for a sprint event. A 37 sec effort just gets me warmed up nicely for the mile distance. (fun but sad fact: I was running 29 sec when I was 11 years old).

Today’s photos and video, from this time in 2012, sees me running in the northern part of the South Island, passing through the Marlborough district and on to the ferry terminal at Picton. We crossed the Cook Strait on 21 Jan 2012, staying in Wellington that night with friends John and Liz (who you will see in one of the photos, with the city behind us). John was a colleague of mine in the wave energy industry, and was always full of energy and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, John died of cancer last year – a real tragedy for all who knew him, and especially for Liz.