Jan 23, 2012

Distance today = 56.06 km; Total distance = 1168.17 km; Location = Manakau –  40 42.938′ S, 175 12.906′ E; Start time = 0847, Finish time = 1647


I had a different start to the day, with a train ride 30 km north of Wellington to where I had finished yesterday. This allowed the support crew a bit of extra time to attend to their chores. The train left exactly on time, to the minute, and arrived on time to the minute as well. Probably the most punctual rail service I’ve ever been on.

The running today was a bit of a slog. I just didn’t seem to have much energy, but there are days like that, and it’s important to push through regardless. I didn’t exert myself too much, and the strong tailwind helped.

I met the girls for lunch at Waikanae, before an afternoon of 23 km, to total 56 km for the day. We are staying in Levin, about 12 km north of Manakau where I finished for the day. It will back in the morning to Manakau to start from the exact same place.