Jan 24, 2023

Last Friday I was back to the 1 km time trials. This is my ‘core’ distance for time trials these days, although I mix it up with other distances too. Anyhow, I didn’t push to hard – perhaps 90-95% – finishing in 4:02 (I’d run 3:50 about six weeks ago). So, a solid start to the year, and I’ll only get faster from here.

Tim Franklin is now in Arizona, having crossed the Colorado River. His last few hundred kilometres have been identical to mine, some 11 years ago (wow, that time went fast). Seeing his photos and videos brings back great memories for me. You can follow him on https://www.instagram.com/timmyrfranklin/?hl=en. The first two posts are old and permanently in those spots. For the latest update, go to the third post.