Jan 28, 2013

Distance today = 51.98 km; Total distance = 15,639.52 km; Location = Alvega – 39 28.001′ N, 08 03.013′ W; Start time = 0915, Finish time = 1730


Cracked the 50 km mark today, so I’m pretty much back to normal now. The weather was greatly improved – a bit misty in the morning, but the afternoon was perfect. I finished the day in the late afternoon sunshine, with the shadows long and low, and not a breath of wind. Running through rustic villages in these conditions reminded me of riding with my old mate, Quinny, on the Tour de Bois. He would have loved this afternoon.

Tonight we’re staying in a 300 year old hotel. The room is huge and grand, with antique furniture throughout.  Portugal is a bit of a hidden treasure. Many tourists are not really aware of the place. I’ve always enjoyed it here. Ever since we met our great friends, Vanessa and PT, back in in 1986, through the visits in regard to wave energy, and now the world run, it’s been a place I’ve really enjoyed. It’s a very diverse country, with a great maritime culture, but also historic villages and castles in the interior of the country.

I’m a bit tired tonight, which I guess is to be expected. I’m looking forward to a very nice sleep in a very nice old bed.