Jan 29, 2016

There are just two days left now until Serge Girard begins his run around the world from Paris. You can follow his progress on Serge Girard’s Website. I certainly will be.

I’m getting closer to committing to running the Canberra 50 km Ultra Marathon on April 10. It will be a nice alternative to my original plans to run a track season of 400 metre races. I might try that again next summer, although I’m not confident I’ll ever again be able to sustain the sort of training necessary to run a sub one minute 400 metres.

I know readers have seen similar photos to the one below, although this particular photo has never been seen before. It was taken about half a kilometre further on from where the Forrest Gump photos were taken. I couldn’t resist turning back and taking one more photo of this magnificent sight.




On This Day


Jan 29, 2012

Distance today = 52.54 km; Total distance = 1527.62 km; Location = Waiotapu, NZ –  38 21.310′ S, 176 21.530′ E; Start time = 0825, Finish time = 1553


Most of today’s run was along the cycle course of the New Zealand Ironman Triathlon. The first 45 km of so was from Taupo to Reporoa, which is where the turnaround is in the triathlon. Of course, the cyclists then head back into town and then do the loop again to total 180 km of cycling. I simply went on beyond Reporoa to finish my day at 52.5 km.

There were many cyclists training on this road today – I was the only runner. It was mostly flat, and a good surface, but a fairly uneventful day. However, I did have a chat over a milkshake at Reporoa with a cyclist who is doing the Ironman here in a few weeks.

We are staying in Rotorua the next two nights. Thank you to Tuscany Villas for providing us with a two-for-the-price-of-one deal. I will be taken back in the morning to start where I finished today.

For those who are unfamiliar with this town, it is the centre of New Zealand’s thermal spring region, with innumerable geothermal vents wafting sulphur laden steam into the air. It’s a great place for a natural spa in pools where the hot water comes straight out of the Earth – the perfect antidote to a long day on the road.


Jan 29, 2013

Distance today = 52.15 km; Total distance = 15,691.67 km; Location = Alagoa, Portugal – 39 21.809′ N, 07 33.125′ W; Start time = 0907, Finish time = 1723


Today had many similarities with yesterday. The distance was almost identical, as was the vertical ascent, and the afternoon sun was just as salubrious. I really like running in sunshine that is casting long shadows across the road. And when there are no cars around, there’s a serene silence in the air, other than the occasional bleating of sheep.

The one issue is, the late part of the day is the bit that hurts the most. After nearly 50 km, it’s hard to run with a zip in your legs. Each step hurts, at least a little. But, I guess that’s moderated by the lovely ambience of the winter sun on the countryside.

During this morning I received a call from a Lisbon journalist, Sarah, who interviewed me on the road for nearly an hour. I believe the article will appear in a Portuguese magazine. Carmel sent along some photos as well.

The countryside is now one of sheep, olive groves, and cork trees. The cork trees are harvested from the bottom up, with the bark being cut off and shaped into mainly wine bottle corks, I guess. The tops of the trees look normal, but the bottom part of the trunks look like they’ve been shorn.

I’m now nearly a week back on the road, and I’m holding up pretty well. I have to confess to being sore in the legs, but that will subside after another few days. Managing soreness is a mental thing – much more difficult is managing an injury, which is a physical thing.