Jan 30, 2013

Distance today = 51.06 km; Total distance = 15,742.73 km; Location = Valencia de Alcantara (5 km north of) – 39 26.743′ N, 07 13.513′ W; Start time = 0900, Finish time = 1724


A couple of milestones today – I reached my seventh country of the run (Spain), and I also passed 60% of the journey so far. That means I only have 40% left to run – still a long way, but it feels like I’m on the downhill section to some degree.

I felt quite strong today, and my heel was not an issue at all. I ran through the stunning hilltop town of Castelo de Vide. As you may have guessed from the name, there’s a castle on top of the hill, with the village nestled below it.

From there is was on to the high point of the day, at the Spanish-Portuguese border. Tonight we’re in Valencia de Alcantara, just inside Spain, which is surprisingly bustling for a remote frontier town.

It was a little sad leaving Portugal. Everything was enjoyable there – the running, food, people, landscapes, and towns. Well, the weather early on left a little to be desired.

I’m sure Spain will be just as good.