Jan 31, 2013

Distance today = 51.60 km; Total distance = 15,794.33 km; Location = Aliseda (5 km west of) – 39 25.835′ N, 06 44.707′ W; Start time = 0941, Finish time = 1750


It was quite eerie on the road this afternoon. I was running through a region of olive trees, with no farm animals around. I stopped at one point when there were no cars and listened. It was unbelievably quiet. The loudest noise I could detect was the pulse beating in my ears. No wind in the trees, no sheep bleating in the distance, no birds or insects, and no human-made sounds at all. It was a real pleasure to experience something so unusual, especially as the sun was shining brightly and the afternoon was pleasantly warm.

Otherwise, it was a reasonably uneventful day. The road is excellent for running. Although a highway, there is very little traffic on it, and when there is, the shoulder affords me more than enough room.

My legs were still a bit sore. I suspect they are suffering from the effects of my extra Christmas kilos. Once the weight goes, the legs should do it much easier.