Jul 12, 2020

Today’s videos include another Wisconsin TV news item (it’s called Around the World in 700 days, although it ended up taking me 622 days), plus a great one from the Nullarbor. It gives a real sense of the vast flat expanse of this treeless plain.

The photos include me having lunch beside Lake Michigan, a view of the lunch itself, and a journalist taking some footage. These were all not far from the lake itself.

Then there’s three photos from the Nullarbor, including one of the support crew acting the goat on a landing strip for the flying doctor service (the road doubles as a runway), as well as a photo of the comedian Jimbo with Gary the Goat. Jimbo is holding up his iPad to show the photo he took of me as I approached him on the Nullarbor, with Gary in foreground.

That was a surreal experience. I could see Jimbo up ahead in the distance, and I thought he had a dog with him. As I got nearer, it became clear the gait of the ‘dog’ wasn’t right. We both had a laugh about the strangeness of that meeting in the middle of nowhere.