Jul 13, 2015

It was always my intention to run a lap of Centennial Park today. When I awoke, however, I wasn’t so sure if it was a good idea. Compared to a week ago, I’d put on nearly 3 kg. Some of this was the result of a lower volume of running – last week I covered just 65 km – but the majority of the increase was no doubt due to too much food, wine, and partying since last Tuesday. Add to that, it was cold, wet, and windy, and my right hip was sore from sitting in a car for more than 1,000 km.

So I was pretty sure I wouldn’t put in much of a performance in today’s time trial, but decided to run it anyway, After all, it’s training, not a real race, and would do me more good than bad.

Right from the start I could feel I wasn’t at my best, but at each check point I was actually slightly ahead of my last CP time trial twelve days ago, including being two seconds up at the final check point. However, I found I couldn’t put in much of a sprint on the final stage, and finished in 13:44, which was three seconds slower than last time. Considering all of the above, it wasn’t a bad time – and was actually my second fastest in the past five years.

I will be running the Sutherland to Surf on Sunday. Last year I ran that hilly 11 km race in 44:05. I should knock at least a minute off that time this year. More importantly, I need to make sure I do the other little things right in the lead up to the City to Surf – less living it up and more training. After all, I can celebrate after the C2S, especially if I do “beat my age”. I’m still not sure if that’s possible yet, but I’ll be giving it a go.

Today’s photo is not from the world run. It’s the photo Carmel took in a book store in the town of Orange. The feedback so far has been very positive. I haven’t heard of anyone who hasn’t enjoyed the book, but I guess it’s unlikely they’d let me know if they didn’t.

Orange Book Store



On This Day


Jul 13, 2012

Distance today = 50.07 km; Total distance = 9206.40 km; Location = Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 43 02.244′ N, 87 54.862′ W; Start time = 0828 Finish time = 1654


It wasn’t one of my better days. My ankle was more sore than usual, and the morning was very humid. Then I had to stop for a thunderstorm. All in all, I just didn’t have a lot of energy. It was just one of those days.

The day started along the shore of Lake Michigan, graduated to the suburbs of Milwaukee, and finished in the middle of the city. For those who don’t know, Milwaukee is the setting for the TV series Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley. The Cunninghams could have been living in any number of houses I passed today. And The Fonz was from Milwaukee, just as The Hud is from Maroubra.

Tomorrow I edge closer to Chicago, hopefully with an ankle that gives me less trouble.


Jul 13, 2013

Distance for July 12 = 54.00 km; Total distance = 23,031.22 km; Location = Yalata, SA (52 km west of) – 31 21.780’ S, 131 17.512′ E; Start time = 0837, Finish time = 1724

Distance for today = 57.00 km; Total distance = 23,088.22 km; Location = Yalata, SA – 31 30.910’ S, 131 51.715′ E; Start time = 0821, Finish time = 1706



Yesterday passed very quickly. Numerous people stopped to talk to me, and I received a few long phone calls from friends. It’s amazing how quickly a day can pass when you get distracted.

I also saw four dingoes, and the crew were being circled by another at the camping ground. I think that one was looking for food. They were all quite lean. As Chips would say, they were “like a robber’s dog”.

Carmel, Jeff, and Michael took a detour from the highway to see the Head of the Bight, where numerous whales were milling around in the ocean. It’s well known for whales, and is the most northerly part of the Great Australian Bight. They raved about it. I’ve seen whales up close before, so I didn’t feel too bad about missing out.

I reached the 23,000 km milestone yesterday – only a little over 3,000 km to go.

Today was a lot more hilly then I expected. We’ve left the Nullarbor Plain, and are back into undulating countryside with lots of eucalypt forests either side of the road. Jeff and Michael continue to do a lot of cycling, and Jeff has been running with me regularly.

The highlight of today was the arrival of Chook and Silvia. They will be with us for about a week. For those who have been long time followers of this blog, you’ll recall that Chook (aka Roger) met up with us last October in the US, along with his brother, Don, and ran a total of 117 km me, including 37 km of the Boston Marathon during Hurricane Sandy. He will be doing a lot more running with me over the next few days.