Jul 18, 2022

I’m discovering some interesting things about my heel during this rest stage. I don’t want to speak too soon, so I’ll hold off until some of my hypotheses are better confirmed.

As for the world run, I reached Ceduna nine years ago yesterday before heading off toward Streaky Bay. The end of my run around the world was starting to look more real, although I still had about eight weeks to go. That’s nothing compared to the 18 months I’d already been on the road.


Jul 17, 2013


Distance for today = 56.94 km; Total distance = 23,309.56 km; Location = Ceduna – 32 07.638’ S, 133 40.422′ E; Start time = 0835, Finish time = 1707


It’s Carmel’s birthday. She celebrated it last year in Chicago, and tonight she is celebrating in Ceduna. They are chalk and cheese as towns, but that’s the nature of a world run – a year can get you a long way.

It was another long run into Ceduna, at nearly 57 km. Jeff ran the last 21 km with me, which was his longest run since 1976. Chook and Silvia joined in for the final 11 km. I’m a bit tired, as I had to endure a strong crosswind for the first half of the day. It was a bit of a struggle over the last few kilometres.

Peter and Jane are back with us, so tonight’s birthday festivities involve eight. I am writing this from the Ceduna Foreshore Hotel. Tomorrow I head south, toward Streaky Bay.