Jul 25, 2012

Distance today = 50.24 km; Total distance = 9706.58 km; Location = Palmer – 39 27.078′ N, 89 24.971′ W; Start time = 0854 Finish time = 1705



I am going to have to mention the heat again. I have just watched the weather report, and the temperature in St Louis (the closest city to me) reached an all-time record today of 107F (42C). There have been 24 deaths attributed to the heat in that city alone.

The thermometer at lunch time, where I was sitting in the sun, read 140F (60C). Have a look at the photos on the Home page. This is outrageously hot, and I would not recommend running in it.

I think I’m a bit like a frog in a saucepan of water as it heats up. As the temperature rises incrementally during the day, I fail to really notice it. It’s all relative in the end. However, after sitting for a few minutes in the air-conditioned car, I can’t believe it when I get out to start running again. It really feels like a furnace. Thankfully, the temperature is predicted to be lower tomorrow – but still mid 30s C.

Over the past day, I have run past the city of Springfield, Illinois. As many are aware, The Simpsons live in Springfield, however, there is some debate as to which of the several Springfields in the US is supposed to be the home of Homer. Given that there is a nuclear power plant within easy commuting distance from the city, this makes the Illinois Springfield a likely candidate. But I think the harder evidence is the fact that, not far away, is the town of Shelbyville, the arch-rival of Springfield – my run today bisected the route between the two towns. And there’s even a Moe’s Bar in town. I should have run by and checked to see if Homer was there.

PS The tracker is showing me in Taylorville, but my official position is about 17 km to the south-west, in the direction of St Louis.