Jul 27, 2012

Distance today = 56.78 km; Total distance = 9813.97 km; Location = Edwardsville – 38 47.332′ N, 89 58.733′ W; Start time = 0830 Finish time = 1746



I had the pleasure of running much of today on cycle trails. And when I wasn’t on these trails, I was on the old Route 66.

Early in the day I actually ran on remnants of Route 66 from 1930 to 1940. There should be a video of this on the Home page soon. A new section was then constructed and in use from 1940 to 1977, after which the nearby Interstate highway took over as the Route 66 section in this region.

I passed an original Shell petrol station in the town of Mt Olive that was constructed in 1926 and run by the same person until 1991. It only ever served Shell petrol to passing Route 66 motorists. The bowsers are still there and in perfect condition.

Soon after, I found myself on a cycle trail, and was rarely off one for the rest of the day. It was a long day, but it puts me very close to the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, which I will run by tomorrow. And Hannah arrives tomorrow to join us for nine days, from St Louis to Memphis.

Anyhow, that’s enough from me. Now it’s time to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony and the real athletes.