Jul 28, 2017

Another massive day, with 126.3 km and 2,094 metres (7,000 feet) of ascent. The reason was, we climbed the legendary Col de la Madeleine. It’s one of the most well known climbs of the Tour de France. I’m understandably exhausted now.

Below are some photos from near the top of the climb, thanks to Carmel. Below that is a photo of Mont Blanc from a few days ago. The peak of the mountain is actually way up in the clouds.

I’ve also added the links to the Garmin data for the past few days. When checking out the elevation graph, make sure you click on ‘Over Distance’ and not ‘Over Time’, to get a proper perspective of the vertical profile of the day.






Col de la Madeleine (nearing the top)


Col de la Madeleine (about 3 km from the top)


Mont Blanc from the Italian side