Jul 29, 2022

By this date in 2013 I’d passed through Port Augusta in South Australia and was heading south toward Adelaide. The lower Flinders Ranges featured heavily. That was a bonus, as they’re a spectacular mountain range, especially given they’re not particularly high by mountain range standards. Hopefully the photos do them some justice.


Jul 27, 2013


Distance for today = 49.01 km; Total distance = 23,826.43 km; Location = Port Augusta – 32 28.650’ S, 137 45.749′ E; Start time = 0841, Finish time = 1619


You can’t have it all your own way. That was obvious from today’s conditions. Most of the run was into a fierce headwind on a busy road with steep and rocky shoulders. I can’t say I enjoyed it.

Eric backed up well, running another 25 km. However, he wisely used his discretion and baled out early – a luxury I don’t have. If this wind continues, at least it will be a tailwind for me tomorrow.

This afternoon saw the arrival of friends, Caroline and Tony. They have kindly driven Carmel’s car from Sydney to Port Augusta. This car will now assume the role of support vehicle, as Jeff and Michael will be heading back to Melbourne with the caravan in the morning.

We really appreciate the contribution of all these great friends – Jeff and Michael for supporting us across the Nullarbor, and Caroline and Tony for bringing the car over. What would we do without them?


Jul 28, 2013


Distance for today = 55.54 km; Total distance = 23,881.97 km; Location = Melrose (13 km north of) – 32 43.905’ S, 138 09.419′ E; Start time = 0828, Finish time = 1702


What a beautiful day!!! I reckon it was a reward for yesterday’s hard work and struggle.

The day started with sad goodbyes to Jeff and Michael. We have travelled with them for the past month, living together in very close quarters. It has been an absolute delight, and we’ve had such fun. The contribution they’ve made to the world run has been invaluable.

We also said goodbye to Caroline and Tony, who delivered Carmel’s car to us yesterday. They travelled to Adelaide with Jeff and Michael, to catch a flight back to Sydney. Their contribution is also greatly appreciated.

Eric and I then set out to travel south, down the east side of Spencer Gulf. We had a great tailwind today, almost as strong as yesterday’s headwind. Eric ran another 24 km, before heading back to Adelaide in his hire car. He ran a total of 105 km with me over three days. That actually puts him in second position on the aggregate list. There is a very tight (or, as Goldmember would say, “toit”) race for second. The Honour Roll now looks like the following: Chook 272, Eric 105, Jeff 102, Barry 100, Dave 99, followed by The Hud, Silvia, and Grace. It will be very interesting to see how it all pans out. The single day record currently belongs to Eric with 56.28 km, but there are guys with their eye on that one. Will it be Dave or The Hud to break it next, or maybe a dark horse like Chips or Reefton Humblewood?

Anyhow, once Eric left, I started a long climb into the southern Flinders ranges, near Mt Remarkable. At 500 metres of vertical ascent, and with gradients of up to 18%, it was the biggest climb I’ve run since the Pyrenees. The views were magnificent, both on the way up and down. This is a very beautiful part of the country, and I’m going to love running through it over the next few days.

Mid afternoon I passed through the quaint rustic town of Wilmington, and Carmel and I had a pie each for lunch. It was delicious, and a match for the pie I had in Dunedin more than eighteen months ago. It is in the mix for the title of best meat pie I’ve ever eaten.

Tonight it’s down to just four, as Jane and Peter are still with us. Peter is cooking tonight, and that’s always something to relish.


Jul 29, 2013


Distance for today = 57.75 km; Total distance = 23,939.72 km; Location = Laura – 33 10.859’ S, 138 18.103′ E; Start time = 0817, Finish time = 1735


I was a bit tired today, probably due to yesterday’s big climb. There was also a headwind. However, I still managed nearly 58 km, so things can’t be too bad.

The countryside continues to be spectacular. I am also running through towns now. After going 1,100 km without passing through a town, today I passed through four towns before reaching my destination in the town of Laura. Melrose is particularly quaint, and a mecca for mountain biking.

In Wirrabara, we met Carmel’s brother, Bernie, and his wife, Leslie. They are staying with us in Laura. We’re also expecting more visitors later this evening – more on that tomorrow, so stay tuned.