Jul 31, 2012

Distance today = 52.24 km; Total distance = 10,016.31 km; Location = Cherokee Pass (16 km south of) – 37 21.827′ N, 90 18.943′ W; Start time = 0827 Finish time = 1643


Sorry everyone, I just wrote a long blog and lost the lot when the internet cut out. I will just write an abridged version now.

Today included seeing lots of dead armadillos on the road – they look like a cross between a possum and a tortoise. I also reached the 10,000 km milestone, and in just seven months. The girls produced a banner to include in the photos. Have a look at these on the Home page when they’re up.

Thanks to Aaron from the Longhorn Motel for a generous discount on the room rate tonight. It’s much appreciated.

PS I failed to click the watch on properly this morning, but have added the missing 240 metres back in to the Garmin data. The tracker is showing me in Cherokee Pass, but my official position is about 16 km to the south.