Jul 4, 2012

Distance today = 43.06 km; Total distance = 8746.29 km; Location = Tomah (12 km south of) – 43 53.183′ N, 90 32.923′ W; Start time = 0958 Finish time = 1721


I reached another major milestone today – I passed the one-third mark of my run around the world.

And just for a change, the Fourth of July was even hotter. As I mentioned a few days ago, I take a thermometer with me now so I can know the real temperature on the road, not what it is in some shaded weather station. Today it reached 115F (46C).

Luckily I had Carmel stopping to provide me with a drink every mile and a half. It’s not possible to survive without such regular drink stops in heat like this.

I normally consider wind to be the weather element I like least, but today I was craving it. A headwind, tailwind, crosswind, anything that diminishes the effect of the humidity. Unfortunately, it was pretty much still all day long.

Once again the landscape was truly beautiful. Hopefully I’ll get to enjoy it under more favourable weather conditions before I run out of the region.

Finally, another big thank you to Diane and George for their hospitality over the past three days. They really are great people, and they live in a great part of the world.

PS The tracker is showing me in Tomah, although I am officially situated about 12 km south of here.