Jul 5, 2018

I’m definitely feeling stronger and more balanced in my running now, since recovering from that long term SI joint injury. It would appear I was suffering from an immobile SI for nearly two years. It gradually created a major problem. Consequently, I’m now a bit behind compared to where I should be with my fitness at this time of year, but I’m working on it.

The results of the Big Red Run are now on line. Last year’s winner, Helmut, ended up in 4th place, although he was quicker this year. I think others who ran last year were quicker this year too. This could suggest last year’s conditions were tougher. I know that the first day last year was the hottest the race has encountered, and the mud on the salt lake on Day 4 reduced most of us to a slow walk. Anyhow, congratulations to all who competed in this year’s event. It’s one of the great races, and certainly one I intend to do again one year.

This photo shows Jeff and me on the Nullarbor, five years ago today, as we approach the roadhouse of Madura. The skies look ominous, but it didn’t rain on us that day. In fact, I didn’t get wet at all across Australia until the day I ran into Adelaide.