Jul 7, 2015

I ate something on Sunday night to which I must be allergic (I think it’s some sort of flavour enhancer additive that’s put in food). Yesterday morning my face had swelled up and I was feeling decidedly fatigued and listless. This morning I was a bit better, but still feeling the after effects.

But I’d planned on a 3 km time trial and decided to embark on it anyway. I’m glad I did. Although I felt a bit slow in the warmup, I managed to run the 3 km in 10:08 (3:27, 3:26, 3:15; average of 3:23 per km). That’s an eight second improvement in just twelve days and my fastest 3 km in eight years.

So I’ve now surpassed the 10:10 I predicted I’d need to have any chance of beating my age at the City to Surf. If I can get that down to 10:00 over the next month, I feel I’d have a good chance. Let’s see how I go.

Today’s photo is another from the desert as I approached Monument Valley. I was never short of spectacular scenery in this region.




On This Day


Jul 7, 2012

Distance today = 52.56 km; Total distance = 8900.50 km; Location = Berlin, Wisconsin (5 km west of) – 43 58.171′ N, 89 00.465′ W; Start time = 0848 Finish time = 1731


The joy of running in 29 C temps!!! It might have been a bit hotter than most runners prefer, but it was bliss for me after the past week. I actually enjoyed the run today.

I found some very quiet roads through thick forests, and made the most of them. I even saw a tiny snake on the side of the road, but one that I’m sure was not posionous. It was so small it was almost cute.

For something different, I called Carmel early during the run (she was still in the hotel room) and got her to place her phone near the TV, which was showing the final part of the first mountain stage of the Tour de France. I put my phone on loudspeaker and listened to the commentary of Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen as I ran. It was a very exciting finish too.

Today I passed the milestone of 7,000 km run in the US. Soon after, as I was approaching my finish for the day, a car pulled up alongside me. Inside was Kailee with her mother and grandmother. They’d seen me on the TV news last night, and stopped to get photos and for me to sign Kailee’s shirt. It was a nice way to end a much more enjoyable day.