Jul 7, 2018

I’m finally at the stage where I’m regularly and comfortably running at a sub 6 minute per kilometre pace in my normal jogs. This morning I was actually closer to 5 min pace for much of the run. That’s a major improvement on where I was just a couple of months ago. Still a way to go yet, but the signs are positive.

Tony Mangan arrives in Darwin today on his world walk. He’s been in Australia for more than a year, although a couple of those months were spent in New Zealand. Tony will now he heading up to Asia, where he’ll walk from Vietnam along the eastern coast of China and then ….. well, I’m not sure even Tony is 100% sure of his exact route after that. That’s part of the journey – letting a world walk or run take you where it does.

It was five years ago today that Jane and Peter met us on the Nullarbor during the world run. Carmel and I had been travelling with Jeff and Michael (I was running, of course), sleeping in Jeff’s caravan. Jane and Peter brought their caravan along too, meeting us just west of the roadhouse of Mundrabilla. Here’s a shot taken during a break I took to talkĀ  with Peter and Michael (on the bike).