Jul 9, 2014

I have now entered the Sutherland to Surf race, a precursor to the City to Surf. I’ve found in the past that the former is a great warm up event for the latter. But it also provides a meaningful indication of the time I can expect to run in the City to Surf. They’re both very hilly and fairly similar in terrain style. Knowing what time you expect to run is important in terms of the pace you set out at – too fast and you die an agonizing death; too slow and you end up underperforming.

My best ever Sutherland to Surf time is 37:44 for the 11 km. History indicates that’s equivalent to about a 49 minute City to Surf. My guess is I’ll be about six minutes slower than my Sutherland to Surf PB this year, which I reckon equates to about a 57 or 58 minute time for the 14 km City to Surf. However, they’re just my estimates at this stage. The Sutherland to Surf is run the Sunday after next. Once I have a real time to go on, I’ll be able to estimate my City to Surf time with more accuracy.

It’s been a few years since I’ve run both races in the same year. I’ve checked back over my records and, the previous three times in which I ran both races in the same year, the results have been 42:14 followed by a 56:39, 42:40 followed by 55:26, and 41:12 followed by 54:52. It’s easy to see the benefit of recording one’s times for later referral. In addition, on each of those three occasions, my best Centennial Park time just prior to the City to Surf was 13:37, 13:23, and 13:11 respectively. At this stage I only have my Centennial Park time of 14:10 from the other day to go on, but I do still have a few weeks in which to improve upon that time.

If you analyse the above results, you can probably appreciate why my estimate (at this stage) for the City to Surf time is a time of around 58 minutes. The Sutherland to Surf time in eleven days will clarify that estimate somewhat.


On This Day


Jul 9, 2012

Distance today = 50.01 km; Total distance = 9001.77 km; Location = Kaukauna, Wisconsin – 44 17.196′ N, 88 16.166′ W; Start time = 0908 Finish time = 1748


Although it was 34C today, the much lower humidity made it a very comfortable day for running. I ran for a short time along the shore of Lake Winnebago, which is quite a large and pretty lake.

At the end of the day I passed the 9,000 km for the run so far. But I still have more than 17,000 km to go. Mmmmm, perhaps I shouldn’t look at it that way.

I get a lot of questions along the lines of “how do you manage to get up each day and do it all again?” I thought I’d attempt an answer here:

I have to admit that sometimes it’s not easy. The hardest time of the day is during the early hours of the morning, particularly if I get up to go to the toilet. My legs are stiff, and I’m usually hobbling at this time of the night. And when I awake, it often hits me like a sledgehammer – that I have more than a year of “getting up and doing it all again”. That can be very demoralising when you’re sleepy and feeling vulnerable.

However, once I wake up fully later in the morning, I quickly feel much more positive. I have no trouble getting on the road, particularly as everything I’m seeing is new to me.

So that’s how it’s done. It’s a matter of balance. I have to make sure I’m enjoying myself enough to maintain the schedule. Pushing too hard would make it less enjoyable and, therefore, unbearable. Doing too little would mean adding extra months. I think I’ve got it just about right at around 50 km per day.


Jul 9, 2013

No blog for this day due to no internet on the Nullarbor.