Jun 1, 2015

I held true to my word, running a session of 10 x 400 metres this morning, despite very strong and cold south-westerly winds. Between each 400 metre repeat I jogged a slow 100 metres as my “rest”. I was pretty happy with the session overall, averaging 77.1 seconds per 400 metres. It’s much harder when you get minimal rest before having to back up with another sprint, so the times are not as fast as when doing just a one-off. I’m sure this sort of session will pay dividends on City to Surf day.

Despite an easy run yesterday, I can feel a bit of long term fatigue in the legs. After all, I’m in a heavy training phase at the moment. Last week I ran 110 km in total, with more than half of that as quality running – speed work or hills. I’ll probably have an easier week some time in the coming month, just to freshen up a little. Running tired means my time trials don’t yield as good a result as they otherwise would, but I’ve got to keep the long term picture in focus.

The advance copies of my book have just arrived. For that reason, today’s photos is of the book cover. Now you’ll know what to look for in the book stores in June 24.


Book Cover



On This Day


Jun 1, 2012

Distance today = 50.77 km; Total distance = 7114.82 km; Location = Ree Heights, South Dakota – 44 31.801′ N, 99 10.279′ W; Start time = 0840, Finish time = 1625


It was a pretty standard day, until a huge thunderstorm materialized during the afternoon. It soon engulfed me as it swept in from the north-west, but lasted no longer than ten minutes. Within half an hour the sun was back out. There’s nothing quite like the sun after a thunderstorm. I was almost dry by the time I stopped running.

I ran along a straight road all day long, through very flat wheat farming country. There was a large water tower at about the half way point. I could see it 25 km in the distance when I started, watched it for hours as it grew on the horizon, and then as it disappeared behind me.

My right ankle was still giving me grief today. I will need to be careful to avoid it getting any worse.

Please note, the tracker is showing me in the town of Miller. However, my official position is at the village of Ree Heights, about 14 km to the west.