Jun 10, 2013

Distance today = 40.28 km; Total distance = 21,303.47 km; Location = Belhus – 31 48.624′ S, 116 00.047′ E; Start time = 0910, Finish time = 1648


I am now on my way across Australia. As usual, though, the first day after a break has resulted in some soreness, but it should only take me a few days to back into the groove.

We flew from Sydney to Perth yesterday, along with Grace, and were picked up at the airport by our friend, Robyn. We hadn’t seen Robyn for a few years, so we stopped by her place and enjoyed a bottle of French champagne.

From there, it was off to Shane and Denise’s, where we stayed the night. Many thanks to them for a wonderful meal and accommodation, to Robyn for the picking us up at the airport, and also to Julie and Wayne, who dropped off a car for us to use during the next few weeks. We really appreciate all the help and generosity from all these friends in Perth.

It was also great to catch up with old friends, Brynn and Kim, who came to dinner with their children, Kieran and Meg. They’re now 27 and 25, but we hadn’t seen them since they were young kids.

We all met at Cottesloe Beach this morning for breakfast, before I headed off from the water’s edge, running with Kieran and Meg. Everyone formed a guard of honour for me to run through, which was a nice way to start. Kieran and Meg ran with me for 15 km, into the city centre of Perth, having passed Julie and her daughter, Steph, on the banks of the Swan River.

At this point, we were met by Craig and Claire from Channel 9 in Perth. They did some filming and an interview. I then continued on along the river. Grace ran the last 4 km with me, finishing among the vineyards in the Swan Valley. With everything that happened during the day, it was a little shorter than normal, but that suited me fine.

Tonight we’re staying with more old friends, Warren and Judy, who we haven’t seen for more than 11 years. Catching up with everyone has been a great way to start my run across Australia.

PS Carmel says the photos should be posted in the morning.