Jun 10, 2018

I’ve totalled 120 km this week, which will be in contrast to the coming week. Although it will be a pleasure to run in the Atlantic coastal town of Cherbourg in France, I will be way too busy to fit much running in. One thing a good long run does achieve, however, is to minimise jet lag. Anyhow, I leave in a few hours. I’m not particularly looking forward to the flight this time, knowing I have to get straight to work as soon as I arrive. I hope I can get some decent sleep.

I trust everyone is following Tony Mangan’s progress as he walks around the world. He’s currently in the Northern Territory, between the towns of Tennant Creek and Katherine. He should reach Darwin in a few weeks. You can follow Tony onĀ  http://www.myworldwalk.com/. Click on the orange coloured Spot Tracker icon to see where he is, and on the blue Facebook Personal Page to read about his adventures.

It’s five years today since I began the Australian leg of my run around the world. I started at Cottesloe Beach in Perth before heading east through Adelaide, Melbourne and then on to Sydney. However, I can’t seem to find any of Carmel’s photos of that leg. Carmel has them archived on her computer, so we’ll have to access these photos some time soon so I can post memories of that final leg.