Jun 11, 2013

Distance today = 47.76 km; Total distance = 21,351.23 km; Location = Wooroloo – 31 48.439’ S, 116 21.498′ E; Start time = 0749, Finish time = 1542


I had a very enjoyable run today, through hilly forests dotted with holiday houses, and the smell of eucalyptus log fires never far away – the classic aroma of winter in the Australian bush.

It was also my earliest start for more than a year. This was despite a great evening at Warren and Judy’s, with many a fine red wine being consumed. Thanks again, guys, for your fantastic hospitality.

The day was very hilly day, as I made my way up the escarpment, east of Perth. Late in the morning, I looked back at my final view of Perth and the Indian Ocean. I will see the Southern Ocean in about a month, and then the Pacific Ocean, just days before I finish the run.

I am enjoying having meat pies back on the menu. They’ve been my lunch for the past two days. It’s been more than a year since I’ve been able to buy them on the run.

All in all, it was probably my best “second day” after a break, with almost no residual soreness from yesterday. I hope the trend continues.

PS Google Maps led me up a wrong road. I had run 170 metres before I realised there was a problem. I’ve deducted the 340 metres from the Garmin data.