Jun 12, 2012

Distance today = 51.85 km; Total distance = 7679.05 km; Location = Detroit Lakes – 46 49.507′ N, 95 48.739′ W; Start time = 0829, Finish time = 1646


It was one of those perfect days for running – temps between 15C and 20C, with a slight breeze at my back. Coupled with the beautiful scenery in northern Minnesota, it really made for a top day on the road.

The farms in this region look like they’re doing very well. The crops are stunning, with bright greens being de rigueur. The wheat here is different to the golden colour I’m used to in Australia. It’s a very deep green – at least at this early season stage – similar to the green of the leaves of an iris. I haven’t seen a lot of sheep so far in the US, but what I have seen have been gigantic; half way in size between Australian sheep and cattle.

Sad to see so many tortoises (terrapins to be more precise) squashed on the shoulders of the roads. I guess it means there are plenty of them around.

We’re staying tonight right on the shore of Detroit Lake – a fantastic location. Don’t confuse it with Detroit City in Michigan, which is a long way from here. In two days so far, I’ve been very impressed with Minnesota. I’m looking forward to running many more kilometres here.

PS Thanks to Jimbo for repairing yesterday’s bad Garmin file. The link has been inserted into yesterday’s blog.