Jun 12, 2013

Distance today = 50.54 km; Total distance = 21,401.77 km; Location = Grass Valley – 31 38.042’ S, 116 47.964′ E; Start time = 0738, Finish time = 1554


Another day of ideal weather, and I’m back to 50 km days. I ran for most of the day on the Great Eastern Highway, although I was able to briefly use a parallel side road, which was much quieter. Grace ran the last 5 km with me.

I passed through the town of Northam during the early afternoon, and grabbed a falafel kebab for lunch. I couldn’t believe the price – $11. I knew Australia was expensive, but WA seems to be even more so.

The tracker is showing me in Northam, although I stopped the day some 13 km further east, at the town of Grass Valley. The Garmin also malfunctioned temporarily, adding 22.3 km to my total which I hadn’t done. I assume there was some problem picking up the correct satellites. I have subtracted this 22.3 km from the Garmin data.

I am now over the mountain range, and will be experiencing much flatter running for a some time to come. But it will all be on the highway – at least the traffic is thinning out now.