Jun 13, 2013

Distance today = 53.39 km; Total distance = 21,455.16 km; Location = Cunderdin (7 km east of) – 31 38.666’ S, 117 19.129′ E; Start time = 0811, Finish time = 1641


I certainly can’t complain about the weather any more. The conditions were again perfect. The running was fairly uneventful, but I did get to spend a large part of the afternoon on a dirt road, parallel to the main highway. Grace ran about 4 km with me, but her knees were giving her some trouble. Hopefully they will get stronger over the next week.

Shane came up from Perth last night, along with my old drinking buddy, Keith, who now lives in Perth. We had a great evening. Luckily, Keith had a very early start this morning, so the night was not too late. Six pints was just about right.

I have also been eating more junk food than normal. I couldn’t bring myself to pay $8 for a pre-made burger today, so I opted for the old-fashioned Chiko Roll. All that boiled cabbage and carrots were perfect for running.

Late this morning I passed through the town of Meckering. There is a sign before the town, indicating the fault line from an earthquake which occurred in 1968. It pretty much destroyed the town. There are now signs where the main street stood, showing where all the shops once were. I also passed the location of where one of the rabbit proof fences once crossed the highway. There’s no sign of it anymore.

Tomorrow I head on toward Kalgoorlie.