Jun 14, 2013

Distance today = 52.94 km; Total distance = 21,508.10 km; Location = Kellerberrin (13 km east of) – 31 37.176’ S, 117 51.022′ E; Start time = 0740, Finish time = 1613


Who at all the pies? I think I might be a candidate. Too many pies and not enough vegetables has left me feeling a bit below par. I can get away with it under normal circumstances, but it catches up with me when I’m running over 50 km each day.

I still managed to get through 53 km today, which was pleasing. There was a lot more running on parallel dirt roads. The highway is not too bad, but the road trains almost stop me in my tracks when they pass by.

The Garmin seems to be doing the occasional weird thing, like placing me somewhere I’m not for an instant, then having me back in my real position – makes me feel like a virtual quantum particle. It happened today when I went into a roadhouse to get a drink. The satellites must be getting confused at times.

I had lunch with the girls in a café in Kellerberrin, and nearly fainted when the chicken burger cost $14. The mining boom is really pushing up the cost of living in WA. It makes it hard on the budget of a lowly world runner.

I finished the day with a few drops of rain falling, but it doesn’t look like it will set in. Hopefully tomorrow will be clear and sunny. The wind, however, always seems to be in my face, which makes the day that much harder.

PS I forgot to turn off the tracker when I finished running, so it has me in Kellerberrin, where we’re staying. My real position is 13 km to the east of the town. BTW, this is completely different to the issue to the Garmin data problem mentioned above.