Jun 15, 2015

On this same Monday last year, June 16 on that occasion, I ran an interval session of 3 x 1 mile (with a 600 metre slow jog between each mile). Today I did exactly the same session to compare where I am now to a year ago. Last year year the miles were run in 5:41, 5:39, and 5:28 (average 5:36). Today I ran 5:21, 5:18, and 5:15 (average 5:18). That’s an average of 18 seconds per mile faster than at the same time last year. Looks like I’m still on track for a possible 54 minute City to Surf.

(Note: I think the mile course is a touch short of a true mile. If it was a true mile, my times would be a handful of seconds slower. But that’s unimportant really – it’s the same course from year to year, and the comparison between sessions is what I’m interested in).

Today’s photo is of the same “World’s Most Crooked Street” in San Francisco, but this time from the bottom of the hill. You can see all the cars making their way down the hill as they curve around the hairpins.



On This Day


Jun 15, 2012

Distance today = 46.93 km; Total distance = 7832.40 km; Location = Cass Lake, Minnesota (12 km east of) – 47 22.265′ N, 94 26.927′ W; Start time = 0842, Finish time = 1632


Forget about the difference between two days – today was a case of the difference between the morning and afternoon.

After yesterday’s positive day, this morning I felt decidedly tired, despite the scenery being just as spectacular. It wasn’t that I was sore or in pain – I was simply lacking in energy. So I struggled through the morning to the town of Cass Lake where we had lunch. My salmon and avocado sandwich may have done the trick, as I felt much better afterwards. I’m talking chalk and cheese here folks!!!

The running and cycling trails around these parts are as good as anywhere I’ve seen in the world. Not only is the scenery so stunning, but the surface of the trail is perfect – worthy of the best road. Cyclists must especially love it.

I finished up with a slightly shorter day than normal, which was as planned. At Cass Lake, I also reached the most northerly point I will run to in the US – 47° 23’ N. It will be the most northerly point until Europe next year. I have decided not to continue up to Canada, as I want to be in Chicago in just over four weeks.

One highlight this morning was a tiny tortoise I saw on the trail. It was only the size of a bottle top. I’m guessing it was not more than a few days old. I don’t know where its mother was? Maybe, like sea turtles, they fend for themselves once they hatch?


Jun 15, 2013

Distance today = 53.38 km; Total distance = 21,561.48 km; Location = Merredin, WA (8 km east of) – 31 27.814’ S, 118 21.318′ E; Start time = 0746, Finish time = 1620


I felt much stronger today. I put it down to the lovely meal cooked by Grace last night – lots of vegetables, and not a meat pie in sight.

Once again, the run was uneventful, with 45 km completed before I reached the one and only town of the day, Merredin. I will have to get used to it, as the gaps between civilization will only increase as I approach the Nullarbor.

I actually felt better as the day wore on. Grace ran the last 5 km with me, which made the end of the day even easier.

We have been very lucky these past two days to be the recipients of some great generosity. Both Judi’s Place in Kellerberrin last night, and the Merredin Motel tonight, have provided us with accommodation free of charge. We really appreciate their kindness. Thank you!!!