Jun 18, 2012

Distance today = 50.08 km; Total distance = 7983.51 km; Location = Floodwood (15 km east of) – 46 55.603′ N, 92 42.842′ W; Start time = 0848, Finish time = 1657


Another solid 50 km day. I am finding it easier to stick to this distance than to vary the distances too much. The morning was cool and overcast, while the afternoon was sunny, hot, and humid.

After passing through the town of Floodwood, I started down a minor road – Highway 8 – which turned into gravel. I’m on it now, and there’s no way off for the next half day or so. It’s pretty good for a dirt road, though.

Today was another when I crossed both a parallel (47 deg N) and a meridian (93 deg W). I must be making progress.